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West Point


Ulysses traveled to West Point Military Academy in New York from his home in Ohio in the spring of 1839. It was his first major trip away from home and he found he had a penchant for travel. 

Upon arrival at the academy Ulysses found he was entered under the name Ulysses S. Grant. Although not his given name he eventually accepted the error and became U.S. Grant. With patriotic initials he quickly earned the nickname "Uncle Sam" which was shortened to "Sam" Grant.

Grant, although not enthusiastic about the military in general, excelled in mathematics and horsemanship during his time at the academy. He also completed some works of art. Grant enjoyed his rare opportunities to return home on leave. 

In June 1843 after 4 years of school, Grant graduated in the middle of his class as Brevet 2nd Lieutenant. He was assigned to the 4th Infantry stationed at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, MO. Grant visited his parents in their new home of Bethel, OH on his way west to Missouri.

Individuals and places relating to

U.S. Grant's West Point Years....

Frederick T. Dent

(Grant's roomate and friend at West Point.)

Rufus Ingalls

(Grant's roomate and friend at West Point.)

James "Pete" Longstreet

(Grant's classmate and friend at West Point.)

Captain Charles F. Smith

(Commandant of Cadets at West Point.)

Robert Walter Weir

(Grant's Drawing Instructor at West Point.)

Dennis Hart Mahan

(Grant's Engineering Instructor at West Point.)

Albert E. Church

(Grant's Mathematics Instructor at West Point.)

West Point Military Academy & Museum

(Some Grant-related items on periodic display.)

Bethel Historical Museum

(Records and artifacts relating the Grant family.)


Some of the notable individuals that attended West Point with Grant:

Simon B. BucknerWilliam T. ShermanGeorge H. Thomas

Winfield S. Hancock,Thomas J. JacksonGeorge B. McClellan.