Tim Gaffney Jr.
May 13, 2018

friends of grant cottage


Just a little bit about me, I've always enjoyed history since a young age and hasn't left me after all these years. My interest has evolved around the civil war due to the dynamics and change of events that had an ever lasting effect on our country. My full-time job is in public safety as firefighter/emt. i offer my volunteer services at the grant cottage at mount mcgregor in wilton, ny. i appreciate the history that surrounds me in upstate ny and try to take what ever free time i have by exploring and learning further about it. a long the way, i enjoy meeting new people and getting a chance to learn what they have to share. i'm a laid back person and easy-going once you get to know me. thank you for your interest in history and especially to one of the greatest men that have ever lived: us Grant.

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  • Ben
    Apr 25, 2018

    Hi! My name is ben kemp and I'll be a moderator here on the forum. I am a historical presenter, reenactor and staff member at u.s. grant cottage in wilton, ny. i live only a few miles from the cottage on the edge of the adirondack park. i enjoy outdoor recreation, bluegrass music, roller-coasters and of course history! i look forward to hearing from other grant community members and exchanging ideas and support.


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