May 22, 2017

Grant by Ron Chernow


Edited: May 22, 2017

New Grant biography by Ron Chernow available Oct. 10th. Pre-order at Amazon HERE. Please feel free to share reviews and discuss this new work.


Tim Gaffney Jr.
Apr 25, 2018

I was able to read and finish this book during the winter months. The chapters flowed smoothly and was able to comprehend further about Grant's life and struggles and accomplishments better than before. Mr. Chernow did an excellent job of comparing two-sides of Grant's troubles with drinking. Taking from various correspondents from people who worked along side Grant and have witnessed Grant in public attested very well if he did have a drinking problem or not. I believe this book give Grant justice that he well deserves and helps set the facts straight for future generations to study and understand this great leader. Worth reading and researching from.

Kathy Kelley
Apr 26, 2018

Yes--Ron chernow brings justice to President Grant and corrects the injustice which was his historical legacy for far too long! This is impeccable writing and the most detailed research I have ever seen in any biography.

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