Jesse & Hannah Grant

Grant Birthplace

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Hiram Ulysses Grant was born to Jesse Root and Hannah Simpson Grant at a small home in the Southern Ohio village of Point Pleasant, OH on April 27, 1822. Jesse was an outspoken abolitionist and Hannah was a quiet, devout and self-possessed woman. They were Methodists.   

Grant Boyhood Home & Tannery

Grant's Bedroom

When "Ulysses" was 11 months old Jesse moved the family to nearby Georgetown the new Brown County seat.  Jesse, who was in the tanning business, built a tannery near the home. The Grant's would add five more children to the family over the next 16 years. 

Ulysses having a dislike for the tanning business instead often worked with horses hauling timber, supplies and ferrying passengers. He developed quickly into a very capable horseman. 

Grant's Schoolhouse

Ulysses attended schools in Georgetown throughout his childhood and his final semesters at nearby schools in Ripley and Maysville, KY. He displayed an aptitude for math and later was active in debating club.

Grant Boyhood Home

When Ulysses was 16 in 1838 his father learned that there was a potential opening for an appointment to West Point Military Academy. Although Ulysses had no interest in the military his father insisted he take the appointment. Ulysses left for West Point in the spring of 1839 for four years of instruction.

Individuals and places relating to U.S. Grant's Boyhood....

The Land of Grant 

(An area of Southern OH including Grant's Birthplace , Boyhood Home & Schoolhouse.)

The Ammen House

(Home of close friends of the Grant family.)

Daniel Ammen

(Childhood friend and fellow Civil War Officer.)

John D. White

(Grant's Georgetown schoolteacher.)

Chilton & Carr White

(Childhood friends and sons of John D. White.)

The Bailey House

(Home of the Bailey family, friends and neighbors to the Grants.)

George Bartlett Bailey Jr.

(Childhood friend and fellow Civil War Officer.)

John Rankin

(Oversaw the Presbyterian Academy that Grant attended.)

William W. Richeson

(Grant's Maysville Academy teacher and later friend.)

Thomas Hamer

(Congressman who nominated Grant to West Point.)